Business services offered

The following are just some of the business services that can be provided to you by our team. If you have a specific business need that you do not see listed, please contact us and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

Translation Website Design
Website Localisation Website Hosting
IT Consulting Website Optimisation
IT Training Internet Marketing
Fax Sending / Receiving Service Printing
Hardware & Software Sales Event Management
IT Project Management Graphic Design
Interpreting Company Incorporation

Please hover your mouse on the above services for more information, or click to see detailed information about the particular service. It is important to note that not all services are provided by the staff of Acute Business Services; in some areas the services are outsourced to an industry-leading partner in the area.


Acute Business Services has been providing translation services to the international community through since 1999. Language specialities range from medical, legal, and technical to standard text translations. All language pairs are covered by AOD Translation Services, and extremely reduced prices are available for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Danish.

Website Design

Proper web design can make the difference between a successful business and a failure, as so much of today's research-before-purchase is being performed on the internet. Whether or not your company website allows online payments, if your target customers are searching for your type of business, and they are finding your competitor's website instead of yours then this can seriously hamper business. Having an up-to-date (current) informative website will make your business shine out from your competition and assist in obtaining those all-important leads (rather than your competitor).

Website Localisation

Related to translation, AOD Translation Services offers a unique website localisation package that can provide the contents of the entire website (images included) to be translated and built into another version of your website. So if you have ever wanted to offer your products / services in another language, Acute can help you.

Whether your website is only 1 page or 5000 pages, with this package, your website can be made available to individuals anywhere in the world, in their own language.

Website Hosting

Professional web hosting can make the difference between your website being up and working around the clock or constantly failing, leaving you without your website or your emails. Too many people have chosen the 'free' hosting accounts that display banner adverts and other methods by which to off-set the costs. These are the most common of these 'failing sites'. With cost-effective hosting solutions, whether you have a static (non-changing) website, or a database-driven site, a catered hosting solution can be provided for you and your business.

IT Consulting

Whether you are an individual or a company of thousands, the time spent with a qualified and experienced I.T. consultant will invariably save you a great deal of time and money. The great advantage to consultants is that they stay on top of the latest technologies through research, implementation and experience and can relay this information to you through gains in efficiency, cost-savings, and numerous other ways.

An I.T. consultant will ask more questions than will be asked, and will provide you with a full solution that is in the best interest of your company.

Website Optimisation

Having a professional website is only the first step. If the site has not been built properly then no matter how relevant your content, the site will not appear in search results (such as Google) and therefore your potential customers will not find your site.

Optimising your website must be done as part of a professional Search Engine Optimisation program that can be customised per language and market, and is based on specific keywords or phrases. An I.T. consultant will be able to guide you through this with ease.

IT Training

Acute has been providing all types of computer and IT training through the trading name of MARS I.T. Services since 2003. IT consultants can provide one-on-one or classroom style courses catered to your specific needs and skill level.

On a corporate level, MARS will even go so far as to evaluate employees and then develop a customised program that will enhance the efficiency and productivity of the entire office. For more information on these courses, visit

Internet Marketing

Without internet marketing, a website will be nothing more than a corporate brochure that will only be visited when the individual knows of the exact web address (www something). A full internet marketing campaign can ensure that your website is visited by your potential customers.

This can be done instantaneously through the use of such tools as the "Google AdWords" and "Yahoo Search Marketing" and in time, the site can also be marketed to eventually position for free (generic) searches also.

Fax Sending / Receiving Service

This unique service is offered to individuals or companies that wish to use a fax, but do not have access to a land line or fax machine (or both). With this service, sending a fax can be done easily by sending an email and requires absolutely no software or installation of any kind.

The same is true for receiving faxes, they can be sent directly to your email account. All sent and received faxes are automatically converted to .PDF files and backed up for you.


The look and feel of a person's business card can tell a lot not just about them, but about their company. The same goes for all types of marketing materials, from flyers to company letterhead. The professional printers that work with Acute Business Services provide on-time delivery of the highest quality.

Large scale digital and offset printing are just one of the unique types of printing services that are available.

Hardware & Software Sales

No matter what your hardware and software needs, Acute can assist you with all of your I.T. purchases and save you a great deal of money. As the south of Spain's first official Dell Distributor, MARS I.T. Services can provide state-of-the-art equipment in English (or any other language) at a greatly reduced cost.

For businesses, a consultant will discuss your specific needs with you and make recommendations so that your budget is treated with respect and that you get the most value for your money.

Event Management

Whether you are planning a corporate event or an international fair, Acute Business Services will be able to provide you with the full suite of services from preliminary planning right through to managing the day and clean-up. As well as assistance in handling of leads and follow-up, the Events Team will work with you to ensure that the entire process works smoothly.

Venues are available throughout Spain, in areas such as Malaga, Marbella, Nerja, Sotogrande, Fuengirola, Estepona, and anywhere along the Costa del Sol.

IT Project Management

Whether you are setting up an office, or building a new house and you would like to ensure that the set-up is done with the highest level of quality and with only state-of-the-art equipment, you can count on the skills of Acute's I.T. consultants to lead the project through from start to finish on time and on budget.

With decades of experience amongst our consultants in wide ranges of project management, the focus on I.T. is clear with many clients opting for the all-inclusive service. Having the peace of mind to know that your technology needs are being met at the most effective price is a great assurance to most companies.

Graphic Design

Art is often subject to the eye of the beholder. With professional graphic design, the beholder's wishes are communicated immediately through a great deal of preliminary conversations and question and answer periods. It is only through this lengthy process that the client can be confident they will receive the look and feel that they desire.

Whether it is an entire corporate image design that you are looking for or simply a logo design with corporate colours, our team of graphic designers can make it a straightforward process.


Interpreting is yet another forte of AOD Translation Services. With years of experience in organising interpreting work (internationally) and with our extremely competitive rates, (our interpreters can travel the globe with or ahead of you) you are sure to be satisfied with our prompt and efficient interpreting services.

Company Incorporation

Creating a company anywhere within the European Union is not an easy task. Furthermore, setting up a Spanish company can be all that more daunting due to the language barrier, not to mention if it is not set up properly from the onset, there may be many unpleasant financial surprises down the road.

Our Company Incorporation service is one of the most competitively-priced in the EU. Once you have a company formed and operating in Spain, for the vast majority of businesses, this allows for trading throughout the whole of the EU.